An Artistic Illusion Titli



This is the story of a saint and his soul’, or you can say homeage to my Guru. Again one of my miniature series. I did not knowingly choose to make this type of artwork. It all originated with the bonhomie we as a disciple have with our master. The one revered by me and my family every day. I had learnt about him in books and from ashram. I don’t reckon in miracles but once I started offering my prayers to him the more I got bridging his thoughts with mine. We cannot actually put such experiences in words, can we? So on one such fine weekend I was simply sitting with my books and colours. I desperately wanted to paint something but was completely clueless. It happens quite often with me when I am stress-ridden and feel like there is pandemonium in hell. Then I picked up black and started painting the background. My sub-conscious brain craved me to draw something depressive but my mind was saying something else. With my 21 years of experience with painting it doesn’t take me long time to pick the colour of my interest and keep on mixing with different shades and with that I chose vermillion, burnt sienna, peach, cobalt blue and white and started scribbling. You won’t believe but that was when I thought why not painting a saint? Let a certain portion of body be in dark and rest in light. Most of the times abstraction works better for me. So next I thought of depicting the soul but question comes how? Well, somewhere I read that an intellectual, wise person’s soul appears as blue in colour. I don’t really know how far or whether such concept has justification; so no Guru’s preachings and HIS pure soul in any form of artwork can be measured by value of its auction rather its the confluence of thoughtfulness and inventiveness.

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