An Artistic Illusion Art Titli



This is one of my favourites- ‘My Holy Grail to Live with and Believe in’. Generally when I sit with my colours and canvas and papers and brushes I don’t exactly think or visualize what to sketch and how to portray. People say that painting is all about imagination but the question is how distant you see to it. Can you exactly depict what will its final outcome be? May be yes, may be no. For me it’s way too difficult as I understand. So while making this painting I just thought why not something about ‘Dream’? Reality is easy to portray but illusion is harder. Again I am not painting something very particular that I see often because most of the times we tend to forget, I do forget and moreover I don’t dream much or better to say it doesn’t happen to me! Yes you heard it right. Alas! Then the question comes how I make it if I don’t experience much. Well that’s why I decided my painting to be an illusion again. So here in this picture may be you or I or someone somewhere is dreaming something and that person is getting watched. That’s all I can say about this picture and why don’t you imagine more? I will be happy to know if you perceive something else. The painting might appear solemn but it is one of my miniature series. For sketch I use staedtler and for colouring acrylic and mixed media with hog hair brushes and of course no eraser. Sounds odd? Give a try it is fun! Now if you are painting for first time better get yourself accustomed with pencil, because from beginning if you sit with colours your drawing skill will definitely fall off. Feel free while colouring and try not to be very specific about putting your boundaries and yes try avoiding black border-lines around your painting while dealing with acrylic or oil or water or pastels ’cause that looks cartoonish but you want it to be real right? I keep on running my brushes until I get the savour. Sometimes people get piqued thinking that I am never pleased with my work or I am too perfectionist when it comes about painting. But that’s how any art form works. Continue till last stroke unless the smile appears on your face. Good luck! Will catch you again…

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