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Since the previous post was all about colours and abstraction, I thought of putting a simple sketch this time. Yes simple yet a bit to learn. As you can see, this is a portrait of some random girl. To draw I used charcoal and staedtler both of which give a pretty realistic effect. So when you are making any sketch you need to know a few things- first understanding the light, second the pressure control and third the shading. For beginners shading appears like a ‘guessing game’ but if you know where to put the light and shadow it becomes more real. Sometimes using a pencil with blunt end makes strokes thicker. To achieve smooth shading you need to illuminate the gaps with good pressure control. No wait, it is not at all difficult, take it easy. People often fall in love with black and white just because they get confused with colours. So for this painting for example if you observe the face, the light is coming from opposite end making the face appear brighter hence the strokes and shades are thinner in comparison to the eyes and hair which has to appear darker. In my previous lesson I said to avoid border lines. Yes that’s true but not in case of portrait or any figurative painting. You have to make rough lines as many and as per the measurement. Don’t worry; those lines can be removed by constant strokes and shades. No not eraser, come on! But guess what? I feel a video illustration could have been easier for you to understand though deep inside I get the feeling that yes you got most of it if not the whole. What I suggest you is why don’t you give a try to make your first sketch? It can be anything. Confused? Let’s start with an apple; the best and easiest example ever exists on earth! Place it on a space where you get the effect of light and shadow, determine the direction of light and shade accordingly controlling the pressure of the lead so that you can manage both the light and dark effects. Remember if you don’t have charcoal or staedtler right away since those are little expensive, no worries, you can go with simple HB pencils ranging from 2B to 8B (for dark shades) or 2H to 8H (for light shades) all of which you can get in nearby stores. So what are you waiting for? Grab the pencil and start.

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